Sorry for the wait! I could only work on it in between commissions. Will def try and deliver some more later on but for now I only had time to do bonus doodles for characters with alternative looks~


I’m a little shocked how this little guy:


Became this:




The Jean Kirschstein Opening 




The "Iron"Giant!au makes me happy on so many levels.


こえの☆プリンスさまっ?  Art by ははこ

Koe (Voice) no Prince-sama (Utapri Seiyuu)

Junichi Suwabe, Kishou Taniyama, Takuma Terashima, Hiro Shimono, Toriumi Kousuke, Suzumura Kenichi, Miyano Mamoru


Kirafes 2013 - Encore

Set 4


UTAO is always great as an encore song! Easy to sing along, cute / derp PV too! Totally wanted to whack him in the beginning! XD How he pretended to be so serious and then doing a 360 degree change in facial expression to that (**) face OTL.

UTAO wasn’t the encore song for this year’s Kirafes though haha.

And UTAO isn’t complete with that final pose! :P

Tomorrow is this baka’s birthday! Will be back with a birthday post bye~ ♥(ˆˆԅ)


Kuroko no Basuke 2nd Season BD/DVD 3 NG-shuu

[Please do not re-upload the video, thank you!]

DoM Club ~ Tensei High School Broadcasting Club Episode ~



Released: 2012/11/30

Official Website: http://www.hobirecords.com/mclub/

Tokiwa Tadashi: CV.  Ono Yuki

Teisei Gakuen Broadcasting Club , 2nd year. Heroine’s childhood friend, all around high status and mood maker.  Invited the heroine into the broadcasting club.

Muneyuki Aida :  CV. Inoue Kazuhiko

Teisei Gakuen math teacher. 29 years old. Because of his strict personality, is often punishing students for being lazy. Has bandages wrapped around his hand.

Note: My translations are not perfect, so if anyone can help to make them more accurate (esp with Aida’s dialog) don’t hesitate to msg me (^^):: Thank you!

Track List:

Track 1 :  Monday ~ Morning Meeting  ~ (read below)

Track 2 :  Tuesday ~ Lunch Break ~ 

Track 3 :  Wednesday ~ Broadcasting Meeting ~ 

Track 4: Thursday ~ Classroom Scene ~ 

Track 5 : Thursday ~ After School ~

Track 6 : Friday ~ School Closing Time ~

Track 7 :  Saturday ~ After School ~

Track 8 :  Saturday ~ Report ~

Track 9 :  Sunday ~ Never Ending Affair ~

Track 10 :  Free Talk (Ono Yuki)

Track 11 :  Free Talk (Inoue Kazuhiko)

Track 1 :  Monday ~ Morning Meeting  ~

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ハンニバル (ドラマ)-

Will Graham: 浪川大輔
Hannibal Lecter: 井上和彦
Jack Crawford: 玄田哲章
Alana Bloom: 佐古真弓
Berely Katz: 長尾明希


I was watching some jp-dub movie last night and out o curiosity, I decided to look for Hannibal AND NOW WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME ABOUT THIS


Yana Toboso blog (2014年3月23日)


Yana Toboso blog (2014年3月23日)

He did it!



64 year old cosplayer, I’m not sure that is sad or cool, but he sure knows how to cosplay!

What do you mean sad, this is super cool!

» Psycho-Pass: Season 2
"The chain of justice—the system—never ends…"


I think any Naruto and/or yaoi fan needs to appreciate this beautiful moment from the live Naruto Nippon Event with Junko Takeuchi (Naruto), Inoue Kazuhiko (Kakashi) and Noriaki Sugiyama (Sasuke). The fangirl screams say it all. :3

Naruto: Anyway, for today, let’s introduce the first postcard. Acadamy Student from Kyoto, Wantanmaru-san, thanks for the mail!

Sasuke & Kakashi: Thanks for the mail!

Naruto: "It seems this year’s buzzword has been "Chou kimochi ii" (it feels so good). I wonder what this would sound like if all the characters say this. Please try it!” Ah, well. We’ll have to do it. Okay! Naruto first.

Sasuke: Okay.

Naruto: I’m doing it as Naruto. Phew. Here I go… CHOU! KIMOCHI II!

Kakashi: That was so Naruto-ish!

Naruto: Did I sound like him?

Kakashi: You did! You sounded exactly like him!

Sasuke: "Sounded like him"?

Naruto: Next, then! You gonna do it, Sugiyama-kun?

Sasuke: Okay! Oh, do I just say it?

Naruto: Yep.

Sasuke: Chou kimochi ii.

Naruto: That sounded so dirty! It’s still morning!

Kakashi: It’s like a bad comedy show.

Sasuke: Well, it’s only dirty if you think of it that way!

Naruto: True…

Sasuke: Like, maybe he’s having a foot massage! Or a shoulder massage.

Naruto: That just makes it sound even dirtier! Don’t worry, though. It’s just a radio show, not an official line. Now, finally, Kazuhiko-san.

Kakashi: As Kakashi? Chou… Kimochi ii…


Sasuke: Didn’t his sound dirtier than mine?!

Naruto: Was that Kakashi-sensei just now?

Kakashi: That was me— I mean, that was Kakashi, yeah!

Sasuke: You said “me”!

Naruto: See? SEE?!

Kakashi: Kakashi?

Naruto: Kakashi, one more time, please.

Kakashi: Chou kimochi ii ze.

Naruto: Oh, yeah! That sounded so much like him!

Sasuke: "Sounded like…?"

Kakashi: I did! Great. I haven’t been voicing him much lately.

Sasuke: Don’t say that.

Naruto: Anyways! The buzzword for this year.